1. Homeward Bound

From the recording Every Flash of Light

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Homeward Bound Karen Morand & Linda McRae (SOCAN)
©SOCAN 2017
Traveling backroads finding my way
Life dropped me off west of Winnipeg
Where there’s wine in the water and blood in the dirt,
Mud in the living and there’s songs in the work
Running from shadows running from time
With a busted heart and a broken mind
I dug past the heartache straight to the core
Finally found what I’d been looking for
I’m Homeward bound, you know I’m homeward bound
My bones remember what my heart can’t forget
But there’s no hard feelings and no regret
I danced down the aisle and I danced down the line
The only thing keeps me from losing my mind
Homeward bound, you know I’m homeward bound
Moonlight on the mountain sings through the trees
I’m never so tall then when down on my knees
With all of the stars, I bow to the wind
Finally returning to where I began
Homeward bound, you know I’m homeward bound
You know I’m homeward bound, ya, I’m homeward bound.
Begun March 17, 2016, finished April 2, 2017.