Kyle's Birthday Bash!


You guys do birthday parties? We sure do! And anniversaries, backyard shindigs, barn raisings, name it...this one is private, but if you know Kyle, lemme know and I'll see if we can slip you in the back door.

Music My Mother Would Not Like Showcase #55

An online concert featuring 4 artist with radio host, Bruce Swan. This weekly show is a good time! Register online for this Zoom experience.

Music in the Orchard w Karen Morand & The Bosco Boys

private location, Lakeshore

What? You guys play apple orchards? Sure thing! We'll do soya bean fields, corn fields, barn shows, tractor pulls. This is Essex County, baby! This is also a private event, but if you can't stand missing out, message me and we'll see if we can sneak you up the ol' apple tree...

Gravy Train


I play in your front yard for 3-5 songs, Phog Lounge comes to your door with their famous poutine and Crafthead's Beer. Voila! Message me or Phog for questions and booking:

A Block Party!

a block , Windsor

What? You guys do block parties too? Sure do! Anywhere that folks can gather and boogie, we'll be there. This is a private shindig, but if you are interested, send me a private message and I'll see about getting you the super secret location.