1. Sucker Creek

From the recording Junkyard Heart

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Karen Morand -vocals, acoustic
Aaron Verhulst - mandolin
Benny Santoro - cajon
Gary McLean - bass


Sucker Creek Bridge
I am an orphan daughter
Born on the wind and
washed by the water Well my daddy never did
and my mother never could
So I make my own way like I think that I should, I think that I should
And the road is closed at Sucker Creek Never go down, never go down
The road is closed at Sucker Creek Bridge Never go there – you surely will sleep forever I am no man’s wife My hands keep clean from trouble and strife But I have no one to keep me warm at home So I keep my feet moving and that’s why I roam, that’s why I roam
This world is not my home I’m just passing through on the way to where I’m going
I’ll keep the rhythm in my feet
until I hear that song
And I’ll sing my way home to where I belong, where I belong