From the recording Junkyard Heart

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Karen Morand -vocals, acoustic
Aaron Verhulst - acoustic
Benny Santoro - cajon
Gary McLean - bass


Big Muddy The road I chose is dusty
It shimmers in the heat I’ ve been rolling down this way so long
I’ ve got tire treads on my feet The prairie’ s arms reach for me;
a lover I’ ve never known
The wind is a heartbroken mother sighing
Child, won’ t you come back home” But if you leave me now,
I’ ll tell you what I’ ll do
I’ m gonna dig a hole in the big muddy ground and lay my body down
Big sky makes for big clouds ;there’ s a twister in my soul
We’ d better run to love for cover before that funnel swallows us whole
My heart has no more feeling. It’ s hardened like a stone
I need the heavens to open up and soak me to the bone ©I pay no heed to what’ s beside me. I don’ t need the rear view
I’ m gonna look ahead to the prize instead until my journey’ s through
I’ m gonna wait ‘ til I hear “Hallelujah”. I’ m gonna wait for my angel band
I’ m gonna wait for my new day kingdom and fly just as fast as I can