Previous events

The Shepherd

Canadian Historical Aircraft Association, 104-2600 Airport Road, Windsor

Sorry folks, The Shepherd has been cancelled due to new COVID measures. This was my last gig of the year and I was really looking forward to making some magic with Tony Doucette, but there is still much to be grateful for. Stay the course folks, and look for things we have in common, not what divide us. Peace, k

Dale's Coffee House

The Bank Theatre, 10 Erie Street South, Leamington

Dale's Coffee House is back ! Check out the lineup: Glen MacNeil, Allison Brown, Ken Dunn, Karen Morand, William Theodore Hawksworth, and Weimar. Hosted by Glen MacNeil. $10 suggested donation + canned goods for our annual food bank drive.

Brysonville Schoolhouse Revisited

Windsor House Concert


Me and the Boys are gonna play some backyard music. PM me for details!

Pop Up Concert & Coffee Launch

14th Coffee Co., 14451 14th Concession, Essex

Me and the Boys are doubly excited about launching our single "Coffee" and collaborating with 14th Coffee Co. with our Bosco Blend. Come on out and try our special brew and we'll sing a song for you!

A Block Party!

a block , Windsor

What? You guys do block parties too? Sure do! Anywhere that folks can gather and boogie, we'll be there. This is a private shindig, but if you are interested, send me a private message and I'll see about getting you the super secret location.

Yardcert at Chris' Place

Chris' Place, Tecumseh

Me and Aaron are gonna play some tunes at Chris' place. If you are a neighbour, come on over!

Driveway Music at Nicole's Place

Nicole's Place, Tecumseh

Somewhere in Tecumseh I'll be singing tunes in someone's driveway. Sounds intriguing? PM me if you want in...