welcome to the verge

"...you're on the verge of a miracle just waiting to be believed in .Open your eyes and see... " so sums up the way I look at the road at my feet. Recently, it occurred to me that I have been waiting all my life for my life to start. At the same time I wondered if life had been waiting for me to start. Each moment is we are on the verge of something. So often we freeze in fear or look back or too far ahead and miss the amazing.  The trouble is that when we are closest to that amazing something, things are the toughest. It's kind of like giving birth or running a marathon (so I'm told). There is a point toward the end that is so painful, that so stretches you that you feel you can't go on. The urge to give up is almost comforting. On the other side of that sharp door is that something you have been waiting for or perhaps something you never expected. It just takes some believing. So I'm believing that I don't have it all figured out. I'm believing that the past is not as important as I make it. I believe the future is meant to be unknown. And I believe I'm not the one running the show. But I do have a role to play; The role to believe... stand on the verge... and jump. Wanna come?

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  • cat mac

    cat mac apache junction, az

    yes. i say yes. and again i say yes!

    yes. i say yes. and again i say yes!

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